"Outta my way, I'm late for Space!" He said, heroically. 


New Poster

Here's our poster with a few tweaks and changes. I hope it captures the insanity and style of humour that the show will have, and that you get a sense of the world and the awesome places you can explore.
Here is a show that I am animating upon. I do enjoy animating the Ninja, as he is mostly black, and rarely sits still for long. This means you get to experiment a bit, with blurs and cool poses. Also, it stars John Ralphio from Parks and Recreation.

Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja Trailer from HowardWeinerman on Vimeo.


Cowboys in the hood

Just a quick sketch for a new idea about a bunch of crusty cowboys and rustlers who  head to Hollywood and become huge style icons,  eventually finding themselves as the most famous stars on the planet. But will they listen to their hearts and return to the ranch or will the highlife and success go to their heads ?


Been quiet around here.

Hello everyone! The NDRC launchpad that we pitched for a couple of weeks ago has begun!  We are looking forward to an exciting few months ahead of us where we will have access to highly experienced mentors and excellent facilities, not to mention the benefits of being around such a highly motivated and dynamic group of digital entrepreneurs.  NDRC LaunchPad is Ireland’s first digital accelerator, supporting the next generation of digital entrepreneurs to accelerate good ideas to sound startups.