Cleaning up

The uniformly excellent character designs on the El Tigre have inspired me for a few of these pieces. These are the first characters i have drawn up in flash without the use of a Wacom pad in as long as i can remember. Thats scary. Ive become so accustomed to the light pen that it never occured to me to do it any other way. I hated the way flash lines looked, and was driving the animators on my elevator music short, crazy. Not to mention that the main character was blending in with the BG's. i just prefered the hand drawn look. But im liking the results. Look Ma, no Wacom... ( Bottom one was done with the Wacom)


Character Select...

Im a massive fan of those old school capcom beat'em ups. The simple animation style and fast action coupled with those memorable characters, means they will never become dated in my opinion. These are my attempts to create a few brawlers. More on the way.


Some poses for an action sequence. Drawn in flash.


Gotta start somewhere!

Just trawling the vaults to see what turns up. This is some stuff ive done over the last three years since leaving college. Dig it.