The Dark

Hugo The Viking Man

Hugo is a descendent of the ancient nautical folk known as Vikings. They would sail up river in their longboats, hop off at the nearest beach and have a lovely picnic where everyone was invited. This is according to Hugo anyway, and no one can really remember back that far to dispute it.


Evil Jim the Spirit Sailor

Legend has it that Jim is the undead spirit of a famous sea captain, trapped in the form of a ghostly apparition made of sea water who must wander the earth for eternity, not to mention the family of trout that have taken up residence in his head. Needless to say this has made him rather disgruntled. Evil? You would be too.

Biff the crustacean and the Public Anemone gang

Biff is a streetwise Crab with a  gang of tough, loud-mouth  anemone living on his head. They sort of use Biff to get up to all sorts of trouble, often bossing him around. But he  likes being in a gang so he don't mind.