Fantasticaland - Lord Strawberry

Lord Strawberry is mad as a bag of cats and twice as twitchy. He is from the old-school of Knightery, where chivalry and honour are held in the highest regard.  A gentleman and a noble, he has some rather old fashioned views of how things are and this causes friction where ever he goes. If a damsel is in distress he swoops in to save her, before carting her off to his crummy old apartment where she has to remain until he gets called off on another quest. He is made out of old bits and pieces of cloth and stuffed with straw, having been brought to life by a trainee wizard. No one knows where he got the idea that he is of noble lineage or why he rides a Moogong into battle, but nether do they have the heart to tell him otherwise.


Fantasticaland - Dirk the three faced tree.

The trees of the marble forest are old and wise, their gnarled roots stretching deep into the ground, standing solemn guard over the land. But Dirk is not one of those trees. In fact Dirk is known amongst the others as being a few acorns short of a treetop,  or in tree terms, as thick as a plank.  Loud and obnoxious, Dirk is disliked by the other trees. He likes to laugh and joke and never takes anything seriously, much to  the chagrin of the other stuffy old oaks. Trees are meant to be sage and serious, passing wisdom from generation to generation. Dirk, however, is only interested in getting under the elder's bark by any means necessary. He is mischievous and fond of trickery, but is not as smart as he thinks he is.