Cleaning up

The uniformly excellent character designs on the El Tigre have inspired me for a few of these pieces. These are the first characters i have drawn up in flash without the use of a Wacom pad in as long as i can remember. Thats scary. Ive become so accustomed to the light pen that it never occured to me to do it any other way. I hated the way flash lines looked, and was driving the animators on my elevator music short, crazy. Not to mention that the main character was blending in with the BG's. i just prefered the hand drawn look. But im liking the results. Look Ma, no Wacom... ( Bottom one was done with the Wacom)

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tinylittlesandra said...

Hey - You've been posting... LOADS! Love the guys above ( & below, particularly the boxers)... are you working with a mouse? Thats mad... great results though, I could never do it.

... would also like to see that music short, you posted that anywhere?